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Abigail Francis

Abi Francis on the beach with her dog With a Doctor / Surgeon, two nurses and a business man as Grandparents and a Botanist and a Medical Secretary as parents, it was natural for Abigail to choose a career in the health sector.

With a passion for gardening and botany, training to be a Herbalist was great fun for her, and when you meet Abigail you will find that she is passionate and enthusiastic about everything that she does.

Often that enthusiasm rubs off onto her clients, and many experience a huge leap in their levels of well-being and energy, and find that being healthy is not the drag it seemed to be before. Abigail takes the time to help clients incorporate any changes needed in their diet and life-style as easily and seamlessly as possible.

Abi has trained with some very respected and well known tutors spanning 25 years including:
Jill Davies, Christopher Hobbs, Richard Schulze, Milo Siewert, Angela & Peter Bradbury, Dr Harald Stossier at the Viva Mayr institute in Austria, and with German Schleinkofer at the Kneipp School in Bad Worishofen – Germany.

Abi is one of the principles at NCCH (National College of Colon Hydrotherapy) where she teaches the Herbal Medicine, Detoxification and Fasting Modules, as well as jointly teaching the practical sessions. She also leads foraging walks about wild crafting herbal and medicinal mushroom medicines and herbal first aid in the wilderness.

Abi co-owned the Independent School of Iridology and has lectured to Health Professionals and Chinese Physicians in the UK and Singapore on these topics.

Abigail sometimes assists Fred Gillam / The Wild Side of Life on foraging courses and is part of the Medicinal Mushroom Conference team.

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