Abigail Francis ND - Naturopathic Treatments in Devon


Wildcrafting Herbal Medicine.

Join Abigail in exploring nature in different seasons and discovering the potential for food and medicine that can be found growing in the fields, woods and shoreline of the UK. Please email for further information.

Colonic Hydrotherapy Training

Course independently accredited by The Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists - ARCH.

The Colonic Hydrotherapy training courses are normally held over 12 days - either in one sitting or the course may be split into two parts. Distance learning is available for those not able to be away from home / work for this period of time - you would study the theory at home and complete assessments, and then attend a shorter course for a revision of the theory and to do all your supervised practical training before sitting a final exam. Courses are held in North Devon - do please contact NCCH for further information.

If you are a medical doctor, RGN, or have studied complementary / alternative therapies for two years full time or three years part time, do please contact NCCH (National College of Colon Hydrotherapy) on 01271 870436 or email the principal Roger Groos rogerwj@ncch.co.uk

UK Learning Provider Ref. No 10020075

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