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Colon Hydrotherapy

Who can benefit from Colonics?

Refined and processed foods in the western diet can cause problems with the colon. Anyone with a history of consuming a 'Western' diet, or one containing many refined or processed foods can benefit from colon cleansing and colonic hydrotherapy.

The importance of the direct relationship between colon health and general health cannot be over-emphasised.

How is a Colonic administered?

Warm water is gently introduced into the colon using only gravitational fall. In combination with massage techniques the water helps to soften and detach faecal matter and encrusted deposits from the bowel wall, these are then piped away directly into the soil pipe along with the waste water.

Click the video above to view Abi Francis carrying out a Colonic treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

This really depends upon the individual and the state of bowel encrustation and toxicity, and what the client wishes to achieve from Colonic Hydrotherapy.

Benefit is often felt after just one session, although a course of between three and six treatments over a period of time is usual to achieve a satisfactory level of cleansing within the colon. Many people have a treatment between 1-3 times each year to help to maintain colon efficiency.

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